acneAt its worst, acne can be quite a debilitating condition. Sapping our confidence and repelling potential dates, even causing pain and discomfort. At best it’s an annoyance. Acne can be caused by diet related effects, such as too much spicy, oily, or sweet foods, but it is also often hormonal, as can be seen by the age group it affects most.

Properly diagnosing the cause of acne can open effective treatment options. Using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines can help regulate the hormones, reduce heat and drain dampness from the skin epidermal layers. Effectively reducing the cause of the condition reduces the symptoms. Better internal health, better skin health and complexion.

The reason acne affects the face, neck and shoulders of the body more often is due to the nature of heat. Heat rises, affecting the upper portion of the body. As western meds are unable to target specific areas, functioning systemically, and generally cause heat in the body, they are largely ineffective in treating such conditions. They are also unable to strengthen the body in cases where poor digestive function is leading to acne.

To take advantage of the ease and effectiveness of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in treating acne and other skin conditions:
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