Dr Caine Thornton

About Caine

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner with a difference. Caine’s innovative approach to healthcare implementation has led to the refinement of treatment protocols in even the most complex healthcare complaints.

Caine works with clients with various health complaints, including:

  • headaches
  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • anxiety and depression
  • sporting injuries
  • addictions
  • hormonal disturbances affecting reproductive health
  • complex health complaints

Caine has a passion for understanding health complaints and developing innovative treatment protocols to unravel seemingly complex medical problems.

He has a deep understanding of biological sciences, pharmaceutical medications and innovative diagnostic systems such as Traditional Chinese medicine. This comprehensive medical insight in combination with his omnipotent sense of health and order drive him to delve deep in consultation with patients with complex medical conditions.

Caine has an in-depth understanding of health; what it means to be healthy and how multiple approaches may be used to return to health.

What makes Caine unique is his attention to detail and persistence to understand individual situations. It’s impossible to resolve complex cases without a thorough understanding, and Caine exemplifies this in his daily practice. Caine thrives on finding solutions and making massive improvements in quality of life for his patients.

Caine assists a range of clients from various backgrounds including professional and recreational sporting, physical labour roles, administrative and management roles and other professional services requiring high levels of decision making.

He works in private and Workers Compensation/Compulsory Third Party cases.