Whether you need help with an acute shoulder injury, chronic shoulder pain, or work-related shoulder pain that is affecting your ability to perform day to day tasks, Evolution Medical Care can support you at every step of the way.

At Evolution Medical Care, you will have the support of experienced medical professionals trained in diagnostic testing techniques to understand what is the current problem and then apply powerful treatment protocols to improve the situation both in the short and LONG term! We are dedicated to helping you return to what you love doing as soon as possible!

If you have been experiencing shoulder pain and not been able to get relief, we recommend you seek advice-there are usually underlying reasons that can be assessed and improved naturally.

Start With Some Fundamentals

At Evolution Medical Care, we start with recommending the fundamentals to reduce pain including:

  • Appropriate Rest
  • Gentle Exercise
  • Diet
  • Using hot/cold packs
  • Reducing other stressors that may be aggravating shoulder pain

From there, if problems persist or you want to see results sooner, our practitioners are highly experienced when it comes to diagnosing exactly what is causing pain- In a lot of cases it is not what you might think!

Then, it’s simply a matter of applying an appropriate course of treatment to achieve results fast and provide lasting results!

What Type Of Treatments Do We Use?

Practitioners at Evolution tailor treatments for your individual needs. Typically, treatments may include a range of therapies including:

  • Acupuncture to reduce pain perception and create changes to reduce muscular tension, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation.
  • Remedial Massage to stretch out the muscles and tendons resulting in decreased muscular tension/spasming, and decreased pain.
  • Cupping Therapy to decrease localised inflammation, pressure and stretch out the connective tissue in reduced muscular tension both locally and throughout the body.
  • Postural Assessment/Re-alignment to address the CAUSE of the pain-if the cause is not addressed then the issue will simply relapse.
  • Strength/Conditioning to make sure that this issue doesn’t return in the future.

How Often Will I Need Treatment?

Treatment frequency varies depending on the cause of shoulder pain. Your practitioner will assess the cause of and severity of your shoulder pain and advise an appropriate treatment protocol after the initial session.

As a guideline, more significant acupuncture protocols will be necessary for longer-term, chronic shoulder pain while shorter courses of treatment are necessary for more acute injuries.

To speed up the recovery process, we always recommend more frequent treatment protocols in the early stages and as symptoms begin to resolve, we decrease frequency as we start to incorporate preventative measures.

Your First Consultation

What should you expect?

Once you’ve walked into the consultation room and been made comfortable, the practitioner will enquire about medical history and start by asking questions relating to overall health.

Some of these questions may include “do you get headaches regularly?” or “do you work at a computer?”.
The practitioner is gathering broad information at this stage to understand the overall state of health.
These questions are essential to develop a thorough understanding of what else is happening in your life that could be contributing to your shoulder pain.

Once the case history is understood, we will do a quick postural and functional assessment followed by localised palpation to diagnose the cause of pain!

As soon as the cause of pain is understood, we will layout exactly what we need to do to take you from immediate pain relief to complete rehabilitation and prevention of this issue from returning.

Then we get started with treatment ASAP.

After the Treatment

Your practitioner will summarise exactly what the cause of your pain is and how we are going to achieve lasting results. Then we will book those appointments in so that we can ensure the availability of the practitioner’s time and your rehabilitation.

Will Someone Be There Throughout The Duration Of The Session?

Once the treatment is underway, the practitioner will leave the room. This period of solitude will enable you an opportunity to wind down, focus and let the therapy work.

If you need assistance in this time, the team is just a push of a button away via a pager system.

How Long Is A Session?

Forty-five minutes to an hour.

Is Acupuncture Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes. Acupuncture is very safe, not only for pregnancy but many other conditions as well.

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