What is a fracture?fracture

A fracture is a break in the protective layer of a bone. Fractures may be a crack or a complete break, and may be more complex depending on the cause of the injury. 

  • In the case of youth, the most common fracture is a ‘greenstick’ fracture, named because of the flexibility of young bones, usually occurring as an incomplete break and healing quite quickly.
  • In young adults fractures are commonly seen as a case of sports injuries or the result of a traumatic injury. These fractures are sometimes more complex and heal more slowly due to the rigidity of mature bones.
  • In our elderly, fractures may be a result of demineralisation, and require nutritive medicines to heal and help prevent recurrence. 
I suspect a fracture, what should I do?

  1. Immobolise the area, don’t walk on it, don’t use it, don’t move it.
  2. Elevate the area of concern. Gravity has become an enemy, applying more pressure to the already swollen area than is wanted or needed.
  3. Cryotherapy, usually ice (not in direct contact) is applied to help decrease the swelling. Swelling and inflammation will continue to further damage the local area. Most damage sustained from a fracture happens after the initial cause of injury due to moving the injured area and/or the swelling of the surrounding tissues.
  4. Now it is a case of having the injury properly diagnosed by a practitioner experienced in this area. The most accurate diagnosis is performed by imaging technologies. Most commonly, x-ray/CAT scan or the less harmful, modern magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  5. You will then be told to continue immobilising the area to allow uninterrupted healing. Splints/casts etc may also be used in this time.
I want this injury to heal as fast as is possible.
Is there any medication or techniques that can aid my injury?

Yes. At Evolution Medical Care we have practitioners experienced in treating fractures in order to enhance and hasten recovery. Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine have been shown time and time again to assist in the healing of fractures.

An acupuncture treatment will aid in:

  • stimulating blood flow to reduce swelling and better nourish the area
  • stimulate metabolism to remove toxins and promote healing of the injured area
  • reduce pain levels.
Herbal Medicine formulas will provide the compounds necessary to decrease the amount of time spent in healing. 

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