Hypertension one of the biggest killers today

Hypertension affects about one third of adults. Long term high blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart failure,
stroke, vision loss, kidney failure, and dementia. The seriousness of this condition is why more biomedical research¹
has been done recently in the field of acupuncture.

Lifestyle changes are necessary in the treatment of hypertension

Possible lifestyle causes are excess salt, excess body-weight, smoking, and excess alcohol intake.

How does acupuncture help lower hypertension?

Acupuncture exerts a homeostatic regulation of blood pressure. For individuals with extremely high blood pressure,
acupuncture significantly reduces systolic and diastolic pressures. For individuals with a moderately high blood pressure, a moderate reduction is effected. 

How effective is Acupuncture in the treatment of Hypertension in comparison to drugs?

Researchers have found acupuncture is equally effective for treatment of hypertension as the drug
nifedipine, a pharmaceutical medicine used for treatment of high blood pressure and angina.
Both acupuncture and nifedipine successfully reduce blood pressure by 30-40mmHg. 
One acupuncture session of 20 minutes may reduce blood pressure levels for up to 6 weeks.

Is there an advantage in using Acupuncture to treat Hypertension?

Both acupuncture and drugs are effective for managing hypertension. One advantage of acupuncture therapy
is that it produces minimal adverse effects, especially when compared to pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals
have an important advantage, they are easily accessible and are often affordable. This brings to light the
importance of accessibility to treatment options for the regulation of your hypertension.

1. Lin XS. Observation on the Immediate Buck Effect of the Siguan and Xuehai Points Needling [J]. Clinical Journal of Chinese Medicine, 2014(4);61-63.