We regularly perform acupuncture for quitting smoking and other addictions with great results. If you are serious about quitting, we would highly recommend booking in, as we can significantly help with withdrawal symptoms-including cravings.

A general session would include body acupuncture and application of minute press tacks in one ear that are to be left there for several days and stimulated yourself. The body acupuncture is quite powerful and the ear acupuncture is designed to continue the effects of acupuncture in minimising cravings. We find that this homework of stimulating press-tacks in the ear is a convenient replacement for digital hand patterns for some smokers and highly effective.

We charge $70 per session of acupuncture. For some people, it is a one-off treatment, others need ongoing treatment for the first 6 weeks of ceasing nicotine entirely which is the time that an average person takes to become independent of nicotine addiction on a physiological level. How many sessions depends upon multiple factors including willpower, current nicotine dosage, addiction level, other medical issues and social or other habit patterns.

shutterstock_300454181If you are serious about quitting, acupuncture can be a great tool to get there. The cost is not a world-ender and you will save money(and possibly your health) in the long run even if you need a significant course of 10 sessions and a short course of herbal medicine-this would be the worst case scenario. In the initial consultation, we can assess your needs and recommend a suitable treatment to aid you in quitting smoking for good.

In the end, the decision on treatments is up to you and importantly: Do you want to quit smoking? Are you looking for a tool to help you along the way?

Call or Email today and let’s start discussing what you want most!

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