Spring has come! And so have my sinus problems…

Acupuncture Sinusitis Treatments in Penrith

With pollens and other irritants on the wind many of us are now suffering from sinus conditions. A heavy clouded head making it hard to think, watery itching eyes making it hard to see, a constant running nose making it hard to smell or taste, general discomfort in the eyes, nose, throat and ears, making it hard to enjoy the day.

Traditional medications such as Sudafed and Advil relieve the symptoms for a short time, but doesn’t tackle the heart of the problem, and when the duration of effect ends, the symptoms seem much worse than they were to begin with.

How does Traditional Chinese Medicine treat sinus problems?

At Evolution Medical Care, acupuncture is often used locally to help regulate the sinus passages directly, resulting in better management of the inflammation response, which means lasting results for you. Chinese medicinal formulas are individually tailored to treat the underlying cause of the problem, because your constitution is not the same as everyone else, and if you don’t want to be suffering from rhinitis and the like year after year, the true cause must be addressed.

What about preventative measures? I know my sinus’ will start acting up soon.

Due to the nature of causes leading to susceptibility of throat and nasal irritation, it is an easy matter to treat one’s constitution before symptoms arise.
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