Cancer Treatment

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Fear of cancer is a great barrier to treatment

There is so much fear regarding cancer today in the world. It’s believed to be incurable, a condition that most certainly means death unless it goes into remission, and even then only until it reappears.

If you research current medicines used in the fight against cancer, you will find that a 20% survival rate is considered very high. Such medicines often require sufferers to mortgage their homes to pay for them. With such gloomy horizons for those with cancer, it’s no wonder there is so much fear associated with it.

But what is cancer?

In the minds of the public, the word is akin to ‘creeping death’.

Did you realise that cancer cells exist in every one of us?

The reason being for this is that cancer cells are ‘rogue’ cells. Cells which have lost their way, their function. Different forms of stress, whether it be mental, environmental, chemical, or diet related cause the cells of the body to change. These cells change in such a way that they lose their ability to function as they were intended.

In the case of such stress occurring at a specific point in the body for a prolonged period of time, a large group of cells may be affected, forming a larger ‘tumour’.

Is there anything I can do about it?

Yes! Firstly, the cause of the cancer, the stress action, needs to be addressed! 

This is necessary because removing a cancerous tumour without removing the cause will just lead to the formation of more cancer cells. Where the cancer is having life-threatening effects on surrounding tissues, surgery may be used to relieve some of the stress, so that treatment of the cause of your cancer can begin.

What can Evolution Medical Care do?

We have practitioners with many years of experience dealing with the causes of cancer, and the treatment methods that can be used on individual sufferers with individual conditions.

Don’t accept the death sentence for you or your loved ones! We have already lost far too many to this poorly understood phenomenon. Life is too precious to allow your health to waste away.

Don’t live in fear! Do something about it! Call Evolution Medical Care today or Book Now to organise a treatment plan for your situation. Your good health is the reason we exist and we look forward to working with you!