What ailments can Evolution Medical Care assist with?

It is necessary to understand how encompassing the health philosophy behind Traditional Chinese Medicine is.

In order to get the best results, the first step is arriving at a diagnosis of your complaint. Taking your explanation of the ailment and your signs and symptoms into consideration, a specific pattern of dis-ease, or imbalance, can easily be seen. For instance, in arthritis it is very important to differentiate exactly what pattern of disharmony has taken form, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, heat, wind, or damp, and all combinations of forms. When diagnosis is exact, so is restoration!

The next step is to choose a treatment plan which will target your health complaint.  Treatments are chosen based on your preference and Evolution Medical Care’s advising.

As well as understanding how patterns of imbalance take form within our physiology, the practitioners here have extensive knowledge and experience with the common ailments of today.

Whether it be sports injuries, common colds, weight issues, allergies, or more chronic or serious illnesses such as diabetes, auto-immune disorders, infertility, and cancer.

As all health complaints have a pattern of establishment and evolution, you can rest assured that a treatment plan tailored for you will achieve the results you want.

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