What You Should Know After Your Treatment Session:

  • Stay hydrated as this is often overlooked. This will be particularly important after receiving treatment if you feel light-headed
  • Avoid strong physical exertion directly after treatment. If this is planned, it’s always good to check with your practitioner about what they recommend
  • Try avoiding other treatments on the same day. We recommend trying to avoid booking multiple treatment therapies on the same day. Too many treatments on the same day can overstimulate your body
  • Keep on track with your treatment schedule. We know life can be hectic, and we are flexible in changing your appointment times, however, it is essential to follow your treatment schedule to achieve the best outcomes possible
  • Ask us questions! Our team are here to help. We advise writing it down, this way you and your practitioner can have an opportunity to discuss this together at your next appointment.

To find out more information following treatment with us, or any other questions you might have, please see below more FAQs.

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!