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All practitioners are required to maintain a Continuing Professional Development program to meet accreditation requirements for National Registration requirements set by the AHPRA and private health fund recognition.

Continuing professional development means practitioners continually improve their knowledge and skill levels to assist clients best.

Andrew Romano

Andrew Romano

Evolution Medical Care’s Director and most experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner. He is a renowned therapist, previous university lecturer and mentor to students of Chinese medicine.
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david vo

David Vo

Dr David is one of Evolution's senior practitioners. He is a knowledge guru and is genuinely passionate about all things health. Dr David uses his wealth of knowledge to provide a tailored and extensive solution to optimising his patients health.
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adam angelini

Adam Angelini

Dr Adam's focus is providing his patients with thorough, individualised and comprehensive care through his extensive knowledge of the human anatomy. This combined with his experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine allows him to tailor a holistic approach to his patients healthcare needs.
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Kent Duong

Dr Kent is dedicated to assisting his patients with long term health goals. His gentle, calming nature creates a supportive and comfortable environment during treatment. Dr Kent always provides his patients with a holistic approach to their healthcare ensuring the best possible outcomes.
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