Our team at Evolution are experienced and accredited healthcare professionals who are passionate about helping their patients achieve the very best health outcomes through outstanding care and lifestyle management.

To ensure we provide the best possible care, each member of our team undergoes continual training and educational opportunities to stay proficient and up to date in our industry. Our team are skilled in providing Natural Solutions for a variety of health concerns, specifically for both Pain Management and Fertility Support in the forms of Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal injuries and Pregnancy.

Get to know our Practitioners and their special interests click on their profiles below:

andrew romano

Andrew Romano

Evolution Medical Care’s Director and most experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner. He is a renowned therapist, previous university lecturer and mentor to students of Chinese medicine.
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david vo

David Vo

Dr David is one of Evolution's senior practitioners. He is a knowledge guru and is genuinely passionate about all things health. Dr David uses his wealth of knowledge to provide a tailored and extensive solution to optimising his patients health.
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kent duong

Kent Duong

Dr Kent is dedicated to assisting his patients with long term health goals. His gentle, calming nature creates a supportive and comfortable environment during treatment. Dr Kent always provides his patients with a holistic approach to their healthcare ensuring the best possible outcomes.
Meet Kent
donna sq sp

Donna Pick

Dr Donna is passionate finding ways to optimise her patient’s health and holds an innate curiosity about the varying ways TCM can achieve this. As a result, Dr Donna is great at empowering her patients with her knowledge to support them on their health care journey. She is enthusiastic about the holistic approach TCM achieves for patients and is inspired by knowing it can help people achieve their full health potential.
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