Dr David Vo

Evolution Medical Care’s newest practitioner is a prodigious talent. David has a strong background in musculoskeletal treatment and combines this with innovative Chinese medicine diagnostics and techniques to achieve optimum results.

David works with clients with various health complaints, including:

  • headaches
  • back pain
  • anxiety
  • sporting injuries
  • sleep disturbances

After speaking on the phone or meeting him in person, we are confident that you will agree; there is not much in David’s life that he isn’t passionate about. Developing and applying thorough treatment protocols to improve the health of his patients is no exception to this fact.

David is obsessed with understanding health and is continuously improving his knowledge of the latest research-based information relating to his disciplines. His particular interests are how treatments like acupuncture, cupping therapy and specialised physical manipulations can re-define how patients with various healthcare complaints respond.

He has a strong background not only in healthcare but also in diet, teaching, mental coaching, sporting, dancing and meditative exercise programs including TaiChi/QiGong. He brings a wealth of knowledge and skills from this background to assist him in achieving reliable results in his daily practice.

David is obsessed with applying his wealth of knowledge to improve health for patients in multiple dimensions, quite often in ways that are never thought possible from both a medical and patient perspective.

David assists a range of clients from various backgrounds, including professional and recreational sporting, physical labour roles, administrative and management roles and other professional services requiring high levels of decision making.

He works in private and Workers Compensation/Compulsory Third Party cases.