Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese Herbal Medicine
involves the appropriate prescription of a combination of herbal medicines to make a formula of herbs designed to treat a specific Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis determined by the TCM practitioner.

With Chinese Herbal Medicine the compounds found in each herb, the minerals, vitamins, salts, ions, enzymes, pharmaceuticals, together exact a specific change in the body’s chemistry by encouraging a healthier level of homeostasis.  Modern usage of these herbs includes testing to ensure all necessary compounds are present in appropriate levels. Extensive knowledge of these medicines results in the ability to prescribe not only one herb but a tailored formula to improve health in each individual and case.

With non-synthetic Chinese Herbal Medicine, your improvement in health without ‘side-effects’ is ensured.

At Evolution Medical Care we use individual herbs to tailor a formula to your specific needs. Whatever your health complaint or goal, Chinese Herbal Medicine effectively advances your health in a timely manner.