At Evolution Medical Care all practitioners are highly trained in the application of cupping therapy. The cupping method of choice involves placing fire inside a sterilised glass cup to disperse the air inside, then applying the cup to an area of the body. The resultant semi-vacuum and warmth has a drawing effect on the skin and the muscles and tissues beneath.


Cupping has been used by many different cultures over time as a practical means of healing ailments. Up until the standardisation and development of medicine as a profession in the 1800s, Cupping therapy was administered in a community setting whereby practitioners would apply cups to heal.

Africans were using buffalo horn, sucking the air out from the cut tip with their mouths and placing a piece of gum over the hole once a certain pressure was achieved.

The Chinese were using large cross-sections of bamboo. They were boiled in a herbal water before taking them out and placing them on the skin. The change in temperature causes a suction effect.

When ceramics and eventually glass were developed, Europeans and other cultures began using a flame to push the air out of a cup in order to develop a strong vacuum.

Recent development in technology has led to further designs such as silicone cups and pistol-grip vacuum pumps.

Why should I try cupping?

This drawing effect has several beneficial effects including: 

  • drawing out and dispersion of toxins that may be present in the skin or muscle layers.
  • Increased blood flow and therefore metabolism.
  • Healing, and reduction of pain in the area.
  • Stretching and relaxation of those tissues.

Besides these mechanical benefits of cupping, the process of cupping therapy is extremely relaxing.

What conditions are aided by cupping?

  • Back aches and injuries, Arthritis
  • Pneumonia/Bronchitis/Respiratory Issues
  • Digestive Complaints
  • Mania/Depression
  • Stroke symptoms
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscular tension caused by stress.
There are many conditions cupping may be prescribed or requested for. Hypersensitive neurological disorders and similar conditions may react much better to cupping techniques than other modalities.

Will you benefit from cupping?

Many with the above conditions will, but there are always more situations that need further evaluation by experienced practitioners. Staff at Evolution Medical Care will be more than happy to help with all your enquiries. Call today or Contact Us.